sanFilipe Red Wine 75 cl 2012

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sanFilipe 75 cl Red Wine 2012

Country: Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)

This wine comes from the island of Fogo, one of the islands of the Cape Verde Southern Archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean about 14 ° 50 'north latitude. The sun shines the whole year and the small temperature variation between summer and winter (max . 10 ° C difference) gets the grape all the time to grow. An Atlantic sea breeze also has its influence on the softness of these grapes.The virgin volcanic soil is so rich in nutrients, which leads to a wine of superb quality.
Producer: Vinha Maria Chaves
Wine Region: Fogo Island (Ilha do Fogo) - Cape Verde
Soil: volcanic, virgin, very rich
Grape variety:  ancient local varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

EYE: The Vision
Smooth mirror, normal brightness, moderately translucent, tearful, full color intensity and ruby red, cherry red color.
NOSE: Aromas and Bouquet
Attractive and vinous aromas of red fruit, spicy, strong intensity, animal, and complex quality.
MOUTH: Taste
Slightly acid, slightly sweet and soft bitter, warm alcohol, sturdy structure, high in tannins. Fruity and spicy finish 5 sec.
Powerful wine type. Recommended with grilled beef, lamb and mutton. Red meat with sauce or something sweeter. Poultry with brown sauce. Small game such as rabbit, hare, partridge and pheasant. A nice companion for a southern plate. Pasta stews and game dishes with meat. Lasagne Bolognese. Tastings with aged and blue cheeses, Roquefort.
To serve: recommended serving temperature is 16-18 ° C.
Current state:  young enjoyable but excellent up to 6 years.
Bottle: 75 cl
Vintage: 2012
Alcohol: 13.5%
Harvest: manual from July.

Produced with grapes from the vineyard “Vinha Maria Chaves” & “Cha das Caldeiras” and bottled on the vineyard itself.





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