Vinha Maria Chaves

861c66ceef-druivenbladA Vinha de Maria Chaves quer ser um sinal concreto de esperança. A terra árida e difícil do Fogo pode dar frutos e gerar desenvolvimento para um futuro digno das novas gerações.

Padre Ottavio Fasano

Discover our new wines from the Island of Fogo, Cabo Verde

Discover our new wines from the island of Fogo , Cabo Verde ....
The vineyard Vinha Maria Chaves is located on the island of Fogo (Cape Verde ), where the sun shines almost 365 days a year . An Atlantic sea breeze gives the softness of these grapes . The soil is volcanic, virgin and for centuries the perfect terroir for this "old local varieties " of grapes.
After almost a decades hard labor, the first wine " Vinha Maria Chaves " 2012 is a fact , 60,000 bottles are bottled and 6,000 liters are resting in oak barrels .
The first shipment has arrived in Europe on December 6, 2013 .

A new wine story !

1. Padre Ottavio

If one is on the island of Fogo asking: " Padre Ottavio , what kind of man is that? " the local will respond : "that's not a man, that's a  tractor, a caterpillar ."

The inspirer of this titanic project is a passionate and creative Capuchin Padre Ottavio , active on the Atlantic Island of Fogo (one of the 10 islands of Cape Verde )
since 1960 . For the benefit of the welfare and employment of the poor locals , he built next to a hospital and resource center for women and children , a completely new vineyard and an ultra-modern winery, the " adega Monte Barro " good for a lot of employment in the island .

2. The vineyard : Vinha Maria Chaves

In 2003 Padre founded " Associação Solidariedade e Desenvolimento " with the purpose of increasing employment , thus promoting the well-being on the island. He was born and raised in the Barolo region ( Piemonte, Italy ) , and this explains his love for wine .
He could count on the know - how of "top"winemakers, first from the Barolo region of Monforte d' Alba ( Italy ) and secondly from Ager Falernus ( Falerno ) in Campania , where on the slopes of "Monte Massico" wine is made with
the " Torchi di Sinuessa" since the beginning of the Roman Empire.

Not just another " African Wine " .

Fogo has a wine history . The island is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was for centuries the stopover for trade between Europe , Africa and Brasil . With 365 days of sunshine a year and a mild maritime climate , the local population grows
several varieties of vines, brought-in with merchant ships from various continents with mostly French , Spanish and Portuguese origin.

The soil of the volcanic island FOGO (barely 16km diameter ) is very rich in minerals . On the slopes of the 2800m high volcano is built a new vineyard of 25 hectares: " Vinha Maria Chaves " was born .
It is hard working in the arid and volcanic rocky soil. To irrigate the vines, it was neccesary to drill for water to supply the 80 km long "drip" irrigation canals to give the vines sufficient water.

The hard side of nature is giving something in return. The vines get their nutrition from the virgin and mineral rich soil . Add to that 365 days of sunshine each year in a mild Atlantic climate and we have all the ideal ingredients . These natural forces are combined under the watchful eye of a team of experienced Italian top oenologists and winemakers .

Some 20 species were imported from across Europe including : Aleatico , Chardonnay , Ancellotta , Cardinal , Crimson seedles , Manzoni Bianco Italia , Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot , Pinot Grigio , Tempranillo , Traminer , Sultanina , Regina , Moscato di Alessandria . More than half of these plants tides very well and offer a range of possibilities for the future.

The marriage of the old local varieties and the grapes of  Vinha Maria Chaves result in an unprecedented and excellent wine with a very specific volcanic soil.

3. The Adega Monte Barro

In the shadow of the vineyard a brand new modern wijnery, the " Adega Monte Barro " was built, including 23 modern stainless steel wine tanks and all sequential equipment for the professional production and bottling of the wine. The first wine was produced and bottled in 2012. Part of the red wine sanFilipe , is growing in oak barrels.

The first wine has arrived in Europe on December 6, 2013 .

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